Parish Prayer List


Please keep the following in your prayers this week:

For Healing: Our injured and disabled military personnel, our veterans, all civilians harmed in conflict, and for Jett, Stuart, Philip, Dayton, Luke, Bernie & Joan, Lindsay, Keely, Mary S., Smut S., Scotty, Ray G., Lisa, Laura B., Gini H., Wendell, Ted N., Brianna M., Gretchen M., Noyes L., Marilyn W., Rick & Pat L., Pam C., Gerry P., Shirley N., Kathryn M., Rebecca M., Barbara L., Judy & Phil B., Bill R., Babette M., Anita, Sam Y., Jim P., Al & Susan T., Emily, Dave L., Frances S., Bill B., Greg M., Laura S., Laura B., Roberta T., Rossi T., Barbara A., Cindy M., Elizabeth B., Claire M., Fred K., Mason S., Parry L., Gail T., Carrington T., Shelly T., John & Catherine R., Elizabeth Y., Lenny H., Tom & Jenise S., Christine Z., Ben C., Antonia, John S., Walt B., Doris B., Randy M., Sandy J., Elizabeth L., Dakota, Paula H. & family, Betty R., Kim & Tav G., Karen L.,


For those in Harm's Way: Hayley, Nathan, Brittany, Harrison, Ian, Galena, Ruslan, all Peace Corps workers & volunteers, all who serve in the armed forces, and all health & relief workers at home and abroad.