Foyer Groups

Foyer Groups are a fun and easy way for parishioners to gather together on a regular but informal basis for purely social reasons – to enjoy one another’s fellowship and to get to know other people who share a common interest in Holy Cross.

There is no agenda – just convivial fellowship usually focused around a meal. In August groups are re-formed randomly and are made up of anyone who attends Holy Cross and has an interest in getting to know other. Each group has a group coordinator who facilitates gatherings.   Newcomers are especially invited to join one of the groups at any time.  

            Here's how it works - a  group of  about 12 people meets in the home of a member once every four to six weeks during the year, beginning in September and continuing through May or June.  Hosts rotate throughout the year, with ideally every group member taking a turn hosting.  Generally, the host provides the main course while the other members fill in the rest of the meal with a dish.  Some groups have enjoyed gathering for a picnic at Valle Crucis Community Park and meeting at a local restaurant. Some groups have met for sunrise breakfasts and lunches after church on Sunday.  Groups can meet at Skiles Hall to watch a movie and munch "movie" snacks (just check with our Church Administrator, Ahren Koenig, and he'll put you on the calendar).   The choice of available options is limited only by the collective imagination of the group, but the main idea for the gatherings remains to simply focus on fellowship and relaxed conversation.    

            New groups re-form  late summer, and new members are always welcome. The groups are put together randomly in order to add an element of spontaneity, such that each of us might have the opportunity to get to know others in the parish who may be outside our normal circle of acquaintances.

            The Foyer Groups are coordinated by Carolyn Shepherd. To participate in a Foyer Group, just leave a call for Carolyn at the church office at (828) 963-4609 or send her an email at, subject: Foyer, and we will pass it on.