Information and Guidelines for Weddings
at The Church of the Holy Cross
and at St. John’s Episcopal Church



Surely there are few experiences in life to compare with the joy and significance of Christian Marriage. The commitment of one to another in marriage is both unique and sacred, and deserves the utmost thought, care, and planning.  

To that end, we have prepared this booklet of information and guidelines to ensure that you are thoroughly familiar with the requirements of The Episcopal Church in the celebration of the sacrament of Holy Matrimony.  Please be certain to read through each page of this document and then let us know if you have any questions.  

First Steps:  

  1. Read through this entire document.
  2. Contact Kathy Williams, Parish Administrator, (828-963-4609 ext. 21) to secure the necessary forms, dates, and make arrangements for required payments and fees.
  3. Sign and Return your completed Policy Agreement and Wedding Reservation forms with the accompanying deposits/fees.
  4. After you have secured your wedding date and completed your reservation form, contact the Rector to schedule your premarital preparation classes (i.e. premarital counseling).
    1. The Rector will require that you complete the Declaration of Intention and submit any required documentation should this be a remarriage for either the bride or groom.
  5. Secure a Marriage License for North Carolina. Marriage licenses are issued through:

The Register of Deeds,
Watauga County Courthouse,
Room 119,
842 West King Street, Boone, NC 28607
(828) 265-8052

  1. Schedule a meeting with Elaine Kallestad, our Church organist. The Parish Administrator can assist you in scheduling that meeting.
  2. Meet with your assigned wedding coordinator.
  3. In order to confirm and reserve your wedding date at Holy Cross/St. John’s, you must read, complete & return pages 3 & 4, and submit the booking fee to:  Holy Cross Church PO Box 645, Valle Crucis, NC 28691, Phone: 828-963-4609. All other required documents follow thereafter per the due dates described in this guideline/policy.  


We will guide you through the remaining planning steps after you have completed the above.  

The Church of the Holy Cross and at St. John’s Episcopal Church

Information and Guidelines for Weddings



A Baptized Christian who is:  

  • An active member of Holy Cross/St. Johns “in good standing” according to the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church. Active members in good standing are regular and faithful in attendance at worship (for at least six months prior to the planned wedding date and continuing thereafter), have made and continue to honor a financial commitment to the parish, and give of their time, talent, and treasure for the furtherance of the mission of this church, OR  
  • An active member of any other Episcopal parish i.e., where said parish ascribes to the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church, and where the member is in good standing as verified by the Rector of Holy Cross, OR
  • An active member in good standing (as verified by the Rector of Holy Cross) in The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) or The United Methodist Church (UMC) as determined by either denomination’s canons and constitution. (This authorization recognizes the “in communion” relationship that currently exists between The Episcopal, Evangelical Lutheran, and United Methodist Church denominations.) Note that regardless of denomination, the wedding ceremony itself must still conform to the Guidelines stated in the Book of Common Prayer (Page 435) including the vows. 

Because Holy Matrimony is a sacrament of this church, no other persons may be married at Holy Cross/St. John’s churches.  


  • Booking/Reservation Fee: (either facility)
    • $500.00 non-refundable booking feeis required to confirm a reservation at either Church. It will be applied to the appropriate facility fee.
  • Facility Fees:
    • Holy Cross: $1,500 (less booking/reservation fee) payable in full 30 days before the ceremony date.
    • St. John’s: $1,000 (less booking fee) payable in full 30 days before the ceremony date.



  • Security Deposit:
    • $500.00 refundable security deposit is due at least 30 days prior to the dates of the wedding ceremony. This deposit will be refunded after the event if everything is left in the same condition as found (i.e., moved furniture returned, trash picked up and removed, aisles cleared and pew markers removed, service leaflets removed etc).
  • Wedding Supervisor:
    • $200.00 payable directly to the wedding supervisor assigned by the Church. Arrangements for paying this fee will be at the sole discretion of the coordinator but payment is due in full by no later than the day of the rehearsal. This fee compensates the supervisor for their consultative time, as well as their time at the rehearsal and on the day of the wedding including the set up and removal of all required altar/church furnishings.
  • Clergy:
    • There is no fee for officiating at a wedding. Nevertheless, an honorarium of at least $250.00made payable directly to the Church Operating Fund, the Clergy him/herself or to the “Rector’s Discretionary Fund” is customary and due on the day of the wedding. The honorarium honorsthe clergy for time spent with the bridal couple in pre-marital counseling (3 – 6 sessions), as well as rehearsal time, sermon preparation, records/license requirements, and officiating at the wedding ceremony itself.
    • Note: Episcopalians “in good standing” within their own parish in other regions seeking to be married at Holy Cross/St. John’s may secure the services of their own Parish Priest for required pre-marital counseling and/or officiating at the wedding as approved by, and at the invitation of , the Rector of Holy Cross Church.
    • Note: ELCA/UMC members “in good standing” are welcome to secure the services of their own pastor to provide pre-marital counseling and officiate at their wedding provided that: (1) the wedding ceremony conforms to the Guidelines of the Book of Common Prayer (Page 435)including the vows, and ; (2) such officiating is approved by the Rector .    
  • Organist Fees: (Available at Holy Cross only.)
    • $250.00 payable directly to the organist on the day of the wedding. This fee compensates the organist for time in preparation of and performing music for the ceremony. Additional musicians and fees will need to be discussed with and approved by the Organist. See item 12, page 6 concerning music guidelines. 
  • Office Fee: ( Not included in Building Fees.)
    • $250.00. Holy Cross provides a complimentary service leaflet template outlining the basic service elements of the wedding service. You are encouraged to secure the services of a Stationer to handle your specific printing/service leaflet needs. If you require any other materials, copies, printing of leaflets etc., the fee is $2.00 per page (or $250 minimum).



In The Episcopal Church, the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is a worship service. It is celebrated in the midstof the bridal couple’s community of faith where either the bride or groom is a baptized Episcopalianand a “communicant in good standing” of the parish church as defined by the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church.  

A “communicant in good standing” is a member of this parish whose baptism is recorded in the Parish Register and; “who for the previous year has been faithful in corporate worship, unless for good cause prevented, and has been faithful in working, praying, and giving for the spread of the Kingdom of God.” In other words, you attend worship at Holy Cross/St. John’s on a regular basis; you have made and continue to honor a financial commitment to the Church: you are active in the activities of this church; and have done so for at least six months prior to your wedding date and commit to continue to remain active.  

  • Active Members of Holy Cross/St. John’s (in good standing) :  

Recognizing that this sacrament is offered within the bridal couple’s actual community of faith, all facility fees (except the refundable security deposit) are waived for active parish members of Holy Cross/St. John’s as described above. The bridal party is still responsible for organist fees, office fees (if required), and the Wedding Supervisor fee. There is no fee for Clergy although it is customary to offer an honorarium payable to the Rector’s Discretionary Fund.    

  • Children/Grandchildren of Active Members (in good standing) :  

Fees for children/grandchildren of active members in good standing who are themselves active in a worshipping Christian community of faith and known to the clergy of that community (as verified by the Rector of Holy Cross) and where either the bride or groom is a baptized Christian and confirmed Episcopalian, will also be waived as noted for Active Members above.  

Policy Agreement:  

We have read and agree to the fee structure, have read all twelve (12) pages of this document, and agree to abide by the policies and guidelines for the use of Holy Cross/St. John’s Church as attached.  









Info Sheet Returned:_______                      Schedule for Premarital Counseling Confirmed:___________


Non- Ref. Booking Fee Received: _______    Security Deposit Received: _______


Payment Received:   ____________             Check #____________


Petition for Remarriage Received:_______________   Divorce Decree Rec'd:_________________  




Wedding Reservation Form


Requested Wedding:                 _______________     _______________    ________________  

                                                   Date                         Time                   Church


Requested Rehearsal :              _______________     _______________    ________________  

                                                   Date                         Time                   Church


Bride’s Information


Name of Bride:                        _______________________  _____________    _________           

                                             Last                                    First                    Middle


Is this a remarriage for the Bride?  Y/N  

Religion:               __________________         Denomination:   _____________  Baptized?   Y/N  

Current Home Church: __________________     Church Address: _____________________________  

Bride’s Clergy Name:   __________________    Clergy Telephone: ____________________________  

Name of Bride’s mother:  ____________________________   City/State of Residence: _____________ 

Name of Bride’s father:    ____________________________ City/State of Residence: _____________  

Bride’s complete Address:          ___________________________________  

___________________________________ Telephone (H) ______________  

Email address: ______________________


Groom’s Information  

Name of Groom:                      _______________________  _____________    _________           

                                             Last                                    First                   Middle


Is this a remarriage for the Groom?  Y/N  

Religion:               __________________         Denomination:   _____________  Baptized?   Y/N  

Current Home Church: __________________     Church Address: _____________________________  

Groom’s Clergy Name:   __________________  Clergy Telephone: ____________________________  

Name of Groom’s mother:  __________________________   City/State of Residence: ___________  

Name of Groom’s father: ____________________________ City/State of Residence: _____________  

Groom’s complete Address: ___________________________________ ____________________________

Telephone (H) ______________  

Email address: ______________________  

Preferred Contact: _________________  __________________         ___________________  

                           Name                            Telephone                     Email


Name & Church of Wedding Officiant:  __________________________________________________  

Officiant Address and Telephone:        ________________________________      _______________  

                                                      Address                                           Telephone  


Are you using a wedding planner? If so: ________________   _______________     _______________  

                                                      Name                       Telephone                Email


Information for the Altar Guild:


How many invited? ________      Will communion be served? Y/N  How many servers needed? ____


Note: Two candles will be placed on the altar if there is communion otherwise no altar candles are used. If communion is offered, it must be offered to all present.



Wedding Guidelines


To use the sanctuary at The Church of the Holy Cross or at St. John's Episcopal Church, parties mustabide by the following guidelines


  1. Use of the building must be for Christian worship, or some other related function approved by the Vestry and Rector of Holy Cross Church, Valle Crucis.  Permission must be obtained in advance by calling the church office at 828-963-4609.
  2. For weddings, either the bride or the groom must be a confirmed member of an Episcopal Church and active in the worship and life of that parish. See “Fees” and “Waiving of Fees” stipulations on pages 1 and 2 for clarification on what constitutes membership.
  3. Weddings are conducted by the Rector of Holy Cross or an officiant approved and invited by the Rector of Holy Cross . Marriage Services must conform to the Guidelines from the Book of Common Prayer, Page 435 including the vows .  See attached Order for Marriage for additional information.
  4. A Wedding Supervisor from Holy Cross Church must be present for all weddings. This person will be there to assist you once inside the church.  They are familiar with our buildings and our requirements.
  5. No furniture or hangings (including the altar) within the church will be moved under any circumstances.
  6. The ceremony is both a sacrament and service of worship. Therefore, no flash photography is allowed during the ceremony. No exceptions . The bride and groom are asked to relay this policy to friends and photographers. The photographer may use a flash during processions taking one picture of the bride and her escort as they enter the church and as they leave. Non-flash photography and videotaping of the ceremony is permitted from a stationary position in a designated area in the rear of the church using existing lighting.
    1. Note: Posed pictures of the wedding party are allowed before and following the service. The time limit for photographs after the service is 30 minutes out of deference to the altar guild.
  7. No nails, tacks or anything that would damage the church in any way will be used.
  8. Rehearsal: The Rector is solely in charge and the final authority at the rehearsal and wedding. The Wedding Supervisor will assist. The rehearsal should be held to a maximum of one hour. As a matter of courtesy, the family and wedding party must be punctual. Excessive tardiness/delay of the start of the rehearsal may result in the cancellation of your wedding.  
  9. Dressing Prior to the Wedding at Holy Cross : A dressing room is available for the bride and her attendants and should be left clean after the service. There are facilities for the groom and groomsmen to dress at the church, if needed. All clothing and other items must be removed from the church immediately following the service. There are no facilities for dressing at St . John’s.


10. Flowers: Holy Cross Flower Guild has numerous experienced members who would be pleased to arrange flowers for you wedding, however, if you choose to use a florist, you must contact the Wedding Supervisor to discuss specific requirements and coordinate delivery times. White hangings are used at weddings. Bows may be used as pew markers for the first rows only. Flowers are allowed behind the altar in both locations. No garlands are to be used over the doors. The strewing of flower petals is prohibited.


  1. At Holy Cross, flowers may be placed in the windows of the sanctuary, on the Skiles altar at the rear of the building, behind the high altar on the re-table in the sanctuary, and wreaths may be hung on the doors. All decorations, direction signs and flowers (other than those left at the altar at Holy Cross for the following Sunday) must be removed at the end of the wedding ceremony.
  2. At St. John’s, flowers may be placed on the table in the narthex and on the two flower stands behind the Altar.
  3. c.    At no time may any flowers be placed on top of the Altar in either church building.


11. Holy Communion : Nuptial Eucharists are allowed only when it is understood that the entire congregation will be invited to participate. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist is an important first sacramental act following the marriage and is always an act of corporate worship. Therefore, it is inappropriate for the Eucharist to be celebrated during or after the wedding rehearsal.

12. Music :

If you desire music at your wedding, all arrangements must be made through the Rector and the church organist who will assist you in selecting musicians and appropriate sacred music. Weddings are a sacred event. Therefore, secular music is inappropriate. Be aware that while Holy Cross houses an exceptional pipe organ, there is no such instrument at St. John’s.


  1. Only sacred music is allowed at marriage services. The church organist has the first right of refusal on all weddings performed in Holy Cross Church. You should contact the organist at least 30 days prior to the service. Any other arrangements need to be approved by the Rector in consultation with the church organist.
  2. You are encouraged to use hymns for your wedding, especially if the congregation will be large enough to sing well. The Hymnal 1982 is widely regarded as a masterpiece of sacred music.
  3. Quality instrumentalists can add a festive tone to the celebration of a marriage. Such instrumentalists are under the direction of the Rector and the church organist.
  4. Solo vocal music is unnecessary, but allowed as long as the music chosen is hymns or anthems which are appropriate to the liturgies authorized by the Episcopal Church. The words are to be from Holy Scripture, from The Book of Common Prayer, or from texts congruent with them.
  5. Popular music should be saved for the reception and is not appropriate for the liturgy.
  6. In our liturgical tradition the Lord's Prayer is a corporate act of prayer (see Prayer Book, page 428). Additionally, it may be sung as an anthem. We prohibit the use of Wagner's Bridal Chorus ("Here Comes the Bride") and Mendelssohn's Wedding March .
  7. On all music decisions, the Rector is the final authority.


13. Remarriage:

If the wedding is a remarriage following a divorce of the bride and/or the groom, the Bishop of the Diocese of Western North Carolina must be petitioned for permission to marry.  This is to assure that the causes of the divorce have been addressed and will not be detrimental to this new marriage.  Second marriages fail at a higher rate than first marriages, and The Episcopal Church wants to be responsible with the administration of the sacrament of Holy Matrimony.  We are committed to do everything possible to make sure the marriage succeeds.  Special forms will need to be filled out for a remarriage along with a copy of the divorce decree(s) sent to Holy Cross. (Church of the Holy Cross, PO Box 645, Valle Crucis, NC  28691) Holy Cross must receive these papers at least 60 days prior to the ceremony to assure time for the Bishop’s approval.


14. Food & Beverages: Are not allowed inside either church at any time (other than for communion).


15. Alcohol:

The consumption of alcoholic beverages on church property is prohibited before and during rehearsals and wedding ceremonies. Containers of alcoholic beverages to be consumed at receptions in Skiles Hall may not be displayed anywhere on the premises during rehearsals and wedding ceremonies. Please be aware that being under the influence or appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance at the wedding rehearsal or the wedding ceremony itself will result in the cancellation of your wedding.

16. Smoking : Is prohibited in any buildings.

17. Rice/Confetti etc : The throwing of rice, confetti, flower petals, birdseed, balloons, etc isprohibited in any area of either church or property.

18. Additional guidelines for St. John’s Episcopal Church :

The Vestry and Rector of Holy Cross Church, Valle Crucis, are responsible and accountable to the Bishop of the Diocese of Western North Carolina regarding St. John's as it is a consecrated church in the Episcopal tradition. St. John’s is not a Wedding Chapel: it is an active church. Therefore, marriages at St. John's must meet these additional requirements:

  1. The church is only available from May 1 through the second weekend in October. Please be aware that the end of September weather can be cold and there is no heat in the church.
  2. No candles or heaters are to be used inside St. John’s due to possible fire hazards.
  3. Be advised that St. John’s has only one small bathroom. It is suggested that all parties dress before arriving at St. John’s.
  4. The maximum number of people allowed in St. John’s for any function is 100.

19. Child care : Is not provided during wedding rehearsals, wedding ceremonies or receptions.

20. Personal Property :

Every effort will be made to protect personal items. However, as our buildings are open to the public, Holy Cross/St. John’s cannot be held responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

21. Hold Harmless :

When you agree to hold your wedding at Holy Cross/St. John’s you and your guests agree to hold Holy Cross/St. John’s and its leadership harmless in the event of any accident or injury.

22. Receptions:

Skiles Hall located next to the Church of the Holy Cross is often available for wedding receptions.   Please check with the church office for scheduling and pricing.

23. On-going membership:

     Because we havehad the unfortunate experience of persons “joining the church” just so they could use the church for their wedding but never fully participating in our worshiping community, it is important for persons to understand what we mean by “membership.” As noted on pages 1 & 2 of this document, being a member of The Church of the Holy Cross requires that:

  • You are baptized Christian;
  • You have been confirmed (or received) as an Episcopalian;
  • You attend worship at Holy Cross/St. John’s on a regular basis;
  • You have made and continue to honor a financial commitment to the Church:
  • You are active in the mission and activities of this church; and
  • You have done so for at least six months prior to your wedding date.

     Of course, couples requesting Christian marriage in this church are expected to continue in regular worship following their wedding because the solemn vows of Christian marriage are expressed within the context of the living community of the Church.

24. Counseling Requirements:

     As a general rule, the Rector will not agree to solemnize a marriage unless the couple has been active in attendance for at least six (6) months prior to the initial request for celebrating and blessing a marriage and participated in pre-marital counseling under the direction of the priest. At a minimum, three (3) counseling sessions will be required and the priest may require additional sessions.

     Be aware that the Rector may choose not to officiate at your marriage and, therefore, you would do well to delay sending out any wedding invitations etc until after your pre-marital counseling has been completed and the priest is confident of your commitment to the marriage and that you will meet our membership requirements.

25. Civil Marriage:  

     Many people find that civil marriage is a more suitable expression of their vows, especially when the bridal couple is not active in their local Church. The Episcopal Church fully recognizes civil marriage, and in many countries it is the norm. A civil marriage may be blessed by this Church later whenever it seems appropriate. Only when a couple intends to take on the exceptional obligations and responsibilities expected by the Church should their marriage be a Christian one.







We hereby declare that we intend to be joined together in the covenant of marriage, loving, honoring, and keeping each other, come what may, and in faithfulness, forsaking all others, as long as we both shall live.


We will undertake to prepare ourselves, with the help of the church, for this joining together in holy matrimony, endeavoring to understand the true purposes of marriage: friendship, support, comfort and fulfillment, so that we may truly believe in and commit ourselves to a life-long pledge to togetherness, mutual help and respect.


We believe that marriage is a sacrament honored by God, and that, in our loving response to him, He will honor us in our love for each other.



         _________________________________              __________________________________  

         GROOM (Signature & Print)                                   BRIDE (Signature & Print)





                  Intended Celebrant/Clergy Incumbent




                  Name/Denomination of Clergy’s Church




                  Address for Clergy










An Order for Marriage

The laws of the State and the canons of this Church having been complied with, the man and the woman, together with their witnesses, families, and friends assemble in the church or in some other convenient place.


  1. The teaching of the Church concerning Holy Matrimony, as it is declared in the formularies and canons of this Church, is briefly stated.
  2. The intention of the man and the woman to enter the state of matrimony, and their free consent, is publicly ascertained.
  3. One or more Readings, one of which is always from Holy Scripture, may precede the exchange of vows. If there is to be a Communion, a Reading from the Gospel is always included.
  4. The vows of the man and woman are exchanged, using the following form
    1. In the Name of God, I, N, take you, N, to be my (wife) (husband), to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vow.


or this


    1. I, N, take thee, N, to my wedded (wife) (husband), to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereto I (plight) (give) thee my troth.
  1. The Celebrant declares the union of the man and woman as husband and wife, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Prayers are offered for the husband and wife, for their life together, for the Christian community, and for the world.
  3. A priest or bishop pronounces a solemn blessing upon the couple.
  4. If there is no Communion, the service concludes with the Peace, the husband and wife first greeting each other. The Peace may be exchanged throughout the assembly.




  1. If there is to be a Communion, the service continues with the Peace and the Offertory. The Holy Eucharist may be celebrated either according to Rite One or Rite Two in this Book, or according to the Order in page 401.


 “St. John’s Church”

(A signed and numbered print by Noyes Capehart Long)


Dear Bride/Groom-to-be:

     In celebration of your upcoming marriage at St. John’s Church, Holy Cross Episcopal Church is pleased to present you with a complimentary print of “St. John’s Church”, a work by area artist Noyes Capehart Long.

    You may stop by the Church office anytime after wedding fees have been paid to pick up your complimentary print.

     As a way of commemorating your special day in St. John’s Church, we invite you to consider purchasing copies of this print for members of your wedding party.  These prints would make wonderful gifts for family and friends of the bride and groom. 

     ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF “St. John’s Church” assist with the maintenance and the ability to keep it open during the spring and summer months.

     To place your order for additional prints, simply complete the order slip at the bottom of this page and return it along with $30.00 for each print ordered to:



Church of the Holy Cross  

PO Box 645  

Valle Crucis, NC 28691








Address: ___________________________________________________________________________




City, State, Zip:_______________________________________________




No. of prints:_____(@$30.00)                    $_____________ payment enclosed




Diocese of Western North Carolina

{Both pages must be returned at least 60 days before the wedding if this is a

second marriage following a divorce for either the bride or the groom}


We, ________________________________ and ________________________________, one or


both of whom have been divorced, respectfully request permission to be remarried in accordance with the rites of The Episcopal Church.


Today’s Date:  __________                  Anticipated Date of Marriage:  ____________________________


Parish:        ______________________________________________________________________


Intended Celebrant:        _____________________________________________




Bride’s Name: ______________________________ Religion: ________________________________


Parish, if Episcopalian:     ________________________________________


Date of Birth:                 ____________________


Previously Married?         ____________         Date of previous marriage: __________________


Where? _________________________________________________________


Name of Previous Spouse: ________________________________________


Age of Spouse at Marriage: ______________________________________


Date Divorce Decree Granted: ____________________________________


Where? __________________________________________________________


Are There Children? _____________      Their Ages: ____________________


Who Has Custody? _______________________________________________




Groom’s Name: ______________________________ Religion: ________________________________


Parish, if Episcopalian:     ________________________________________


Date of Birth:                 ____________________


Previously Married?         ____________         Date of previous marriage: __________________


Where? _________________________________________________________


Name of Previous Spouse: ________________________________________


Age of Spouse at Marriage: ______________________________________


Date Divorce Decree Granted: ____________________________________


Where? __________________________________________________________


Are There Children? _____________      Their Ages: ____________________


Who Has Custody? _______________________________________________


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In making this application we, together and separately, very seriously considered the following questions, have discussed them with the intended Celebrant, and believe that we are ready to enter into a stable and mature life-long nuptial commitment to each other:

  1. What were the causes of the break-up of the previous marriage(s)? What attempts were made at reconciliation? Was counseling sought? How are your previous experiences influencing your plans and intentions for this marriage?
  2. What are the financial arrangements that resulted from the previous marriage(s)? What financial support do the children, if any, have? Who is responsible for them and what is their source of funds?
  3. What are the attitudes of the children to the proposed marriage? Do you see these children relating to both of you in your future life together?
  4. How long have you known each other? What is the true depth of your relationship to each other?
  5. What is your current financial status? Are you capable of supporting each other?
  6. If future problems between you do develop, will you seek help in resolving them and strengthening your marriage and interpersonal relationships through counseling by a pastor or professional, knowledgeable in marital relations?




Signed:                        ______________________________________________________________________________________ 










           Intended Celebrant



           Celebrant's Church



           Celebrant's Address  



        Celebrant's Telephone










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