Prayer Lists

For Healing: Lynda, Katherine L., injured & disabled military personnel, veterans, all civilians harmed in armed conflicts, Tory, Reid, Barbara, Robert, Stephanie, Maci, Jett, Amy, Diane, Aidan A.,Dan, Willard, David, Scott, Brianna, Shirrelene, Lindsay, Jill, Kay H., Maureen, Sonny S., Stuart, Lizzie, Karla, John L., Sydney, Yuxiu, Andy, Chad, Sue, Lisa, Matt & family, Kay T., Mark, James,St. Phillips Church, Lawson, Philip, Mark, Evelyn, Chris, Barbara, Jan, John, Dayton, Ashley, Kimberly, Marshall, Candy, Rich, Gail, Beth, Harvey, Brent, Anne, Deana, Maureen, Ben, George, Helen, Andy, Jimmy, Brenda, Kenny, Mariam, Rebecca, Charlie, Mary D., Kim, Joy, Libby, Carolyn, Dakoda, Ezekial, Suzie, Merium, Babette, Jim & Martha, Eric, Erin,  Catherine, Andrew, Mason, David, Larry D., Gretchen, Nichole, Thomas, Judy, Lisa, Marilyn, Mike & Amy, Sibyl, Tom, Wendell, Scott, Lindsay, Larkin, Aiden, Doris, Emerson, Ernestine, Kelsey, Susan, Ruth, Delores, Dan, Brenda, Ann, Christopher, Britton, Brenda, Dan Delores, Ruth, Mike, Erin, Richard, DeeDee, Josh, Rick, Mitsue, Valerie.

For those in Harm’s Way:  Harrison, Natalie, Chris, all Peace Corps workers & volunteers, all who serve in armed forces, and all relief workers throughout the world. 

For those who will travel this week: Judson, Olivia, Pan, Keith and students, Nina-Jo.

We update our prayer list each week.  Please email the Church Office to add someone to the Healing or In Harm’s Way or Safe Travels prayer list. Be sure to include first and last names and the reason for prayers to before Wednesday at noon so the names can appear in the leaflet on Sunday.