Prayer Lists

The Parish Prayer List:  January 23, 2021

Please keep the following in your prayers this week:

For Healing: Our injured and disabled military personnel, our veterans, all civilians harmed in conflict, and for Jett, Lynda, Sonny, Stuart, Philip, Dayton, Tony, Luke, Bernie & Joan, Lindsay, Keely, Mary S., Smut S., Scotty, Ray G., Lisa, Donna K., Laura B., Gini H., Wendell, Ted N., Brianna M., Gretchen M., Noyes L., Marilyn W., Rick & Pat L., Pam C., June J., Gerry P., Shirley N., Kathryn M., Larry L., Kevin W., Rebecca M, Bob B., Trey & Jordan B., Barbara L., Mike H., Judy & Phil B., Lynne T., Bill R., Dede W., Kathy L., Anita, Mandy P., Patty D., Sadie D., Jim P., Al & Susan T., Sam Y., Emily, David J., Bruce M., Dave L., Frances S., Peter S., Erin E., Daniel L.

For those in Harm’s Way:  John, Harrison, all Peace Corps workers & volunteers, all who serve in the armed forces, and all health & relief workers at home and abroad.