Prayer Lists

Please keep the following in your prayers this week:

For Healing: Our injured and disabled military personnel , our veterans, all civilians harmed in conflict, Lynda, Reid, Barbara, Robert, Jett, Scott, Shirrelene, Sonny, Stuart, Lizzie, Yuxiu, Philip, Chris, Dayton, Brent, Anne, Deana, Helen, Jimmy, Barbara, Kenny, Jim & Martha, Eric, Erin, Gretchen, Mike & Amy, Sibyl, Scott, Doris, Kelsey, Susan, Delores, Brenda, Christopher, Britton, Richard, Josh, Rick, Dianne, Ernestine, Tony, Claire, Luke, Barbara, Clive, Laura, Bernie, Lindsay, Bonnie, Sue, Hugh, Randy, Lynne, Olee, Tom, Jim, Antonia, Dorothy, Ralph, Earl, Bruce, Margie, Gene, Jim, Lois, Francis, Catherine, Bill, Mary, Judy, Laura, Ethan, Mike & Diane, Lenny, Judy, Edmond, Wendell, Ben, Keely, Betty, Bill, Sonny, George, Jackie, Steve, Bob,

For those in Harm’s Way: Harrison, Natalie, Chris, all Peace Corps workers & volunteers, all who serve in armed forces, and all relief workers throughout the world.

For those who will Travel this week: Pam, Judson, Patty & Bob, Nina-Jo, Susan & Alex, Sis, Jim & Sarah