Towel Ministry

Towel Ministry evolved as a response to the need in our community for housing improvements, repairs and maintenance for elderly or disabled folks. Starting out as a summer teen camp, Towel Ministry is a way for people of all ages to put the gospel into a hands-on ministry. While there are currently no plans to offer weekly summer camps, opportunities do arise for a weekend experience during our good weather months. Housing has historically been at the Valle Crucis Conference Center.

An adult leader and a team of adults and teens participate in work projects that come to Towel Ministry through agency, family or Mission and Outreach referrals. Typical work projects might include handicap access, roofing repair, painting, yard clean-up and other simple projects that can be managed by a small group.

Started by Deacon Cris Greer and Fr Gene McDowell over 30 years ago, Deacon Greer brought this ministry to Holy Cross when he and his wife moved to Valle Crucis in 1993. The parish participates in many ways to support this ministry as we reach out into the community to help meet the needs of those who are not able to manage some of the more active projects their homes need.

Participation in Towel Ministry is a fulfilling experience. As one parishioner has said, “It’s the hardest work I’ve ever done and the most rewarding.” Through volunteering with Towel Ministry, both the young and not-so-young receive the gift of being an expression of our faith in action as they see their sweat evolve into much needed repairs and improvements which add comfort and dignity to the homes of the host families.

For information regarding an opportunity to participate in a Towel Ministry project, please contact coordinator, Edie Tugman through the church office at (828)963-4609 ext 21.